This is a matter of proud for Punjab that a number of Peers, Gurus and Holy Personalities born here. The Gurus tried to their level best to show the right way to the persons who have been derailed from the track of truthism. Also the Gurus got the people free from the heights of tyranny. They gave an opportunity to the people to pass their life in a very pleasant way. Bedi & Sodhi families belong to the families of Love & Kush. Bedi came from Kush & Sodhi from Love. There was a forecasting that in 'Kalyug' Ten Gurus will come down to the earth from time to time, who will work for the betterment of the world.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji belongs to Bedi family, Guru Angad Dev Ji belongs to Trehan, Guru Ram Dass Ji belongs to Bhalla & Guru Ram Dass Ji belongs to Sodhi family. Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji was born to Mata Diyal Kaur on 24-9-1534. He was married to Bibi Bhani on 8-2-1554. He had three sons named Sri Prithvi Chand, Sri Mahadev Ji and Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Guru Arjun Dev Ji was born on 15-4-1563 in Sri Goindwal Sahib, District Amritsar, Punjab. He was married to Smt. Ram Devi in 1575. He got married again in 1579 with Smt. Ganga Ji. He was honoured as Guru in 1579. He compiled Sri Adhi Granth Sahib in 1604. He had one son named Sri Guru Har Gobind Singh Ji and passed away in 1606.

In 1613, on the day of Purnima, Baba Gurditta Ji was born to Sri Hargobind Ji. When he was thirteen years of age, he was honoured as Holy Guru. Baba Dhirmal Ji was born to Mata Nihal Kaur in 1627. He was a great man. One day he lost in meditation while doing Tapasaya and reached in Heaven. After completing his life successfully, he passed away at the age of 52 years in Kartarpur. He was owner of huge property which is still there in the name of their descendants at Kartarpur.

Baba Dhir Mal Ji had two sons. Sri Ram Chand Ji had no issue and Baba Bahar Singh Sodhi Ji had three sons called Baba Narinjan Rai, Sri Karam Prakash and Sri Bopa Rai Ji. Sri Bopa Rai Ji got the honour of becoming Guru. He had two sons called Sri Jiwan Mal and Sri Nonit Rai Ji. Sri Nonit Rai Ji got the honour of becoming the Guru. He had three sons named Sri Khushal Rai, Sri Takhat Singh Ji and Sri Gulab Singh Ji. After passing away Baba Bahar Singh Ji in 1692 Sri Niranjan Rai Ji was honoured as Guru. In 1702 after passing away Baba Narinjan Rai Ji, Baba Bikram Singh Ji was honoured as Guru. He had a son named Sri Ram Singh, who got married Bibi Raj Kaur.

Baba Wadbhag Singh Ji was born to Mata Raj Kaur on 13-8-1716 at Kartarpur. Parents named him as Wadbhag Singh on his birth. People were suffering the cruelty of the kings. There was a hope for betterment. There were showers of Spiritual Rain (Amrit) from the Sky. The whole of the Universe was happy. Baba Wadbhag Singh Ji showed his greatness and holiness right from his childhood. Baba Ji was having the blessings of all the Gurus. Every one was equal for him. Baba Ji had a parrot that use to pray Satnam Wahe Guru twice daily. Baba Ji did not believe in false manipulated and fabricated stories. He had committed himself to serve the needy.

Baba Gulab Singh Ji had a son called Baba Sadhu Singh. He had two sons Suchet Singh and Baba Jawahar SinghSodhi. Baba Jawahar Singh Sodhi had a son called Baba Nao Nihal Singh. He had three sons called Sri Atma Singh, Baba Sardul Singh and Sri Tarlochan Singh Sodhi.

Baba Amarjit Singh Sodhi Ji was born on 29-12-1927 in the family of Baba Sardul Singh Ji. He has two sons called Baba Karamjit Singh Sodhi and Kanwar Charanjit Singh Sodhi. Baba Amarjit Singh Sodhi Ji passed away on 4-11-1998 on the holy day of Purnima at Karatarpur. Baba Amarjit Singh Sodhi Ji was the 12th Direct descendant of the 5th Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. The present Gaddi Nashin, Baba Karanjit Singh Sodhi is the13th direct descendant of the 5th Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Tikka Amrinder Singh was born to Mata Urmeet Kaur and Kanwar Charanjit Singh Sodhi on 19th day of September 1991. Baba Karamjit Singh Sodhi, Kanwar Charanjit Singh Sodhi Ji are residing with their mother and family in The Fort, Kartarpur.

When Nasardin attacked at Kartarpur, Baba Ji and his army faced the situation. Baba Ji had to withdraw himself for some time since Nasardin was having a huge force. He insisted a number of Hindus to adopt Islam. Baba Ji could not tolerate his cruelty. He invited the Sikhs to join hands and during a short period,  a sizeable number of Sikhs joined. Dina Begh did also joined along with his army.

Baba Amarjit Singh Sodhi Ji

Baba Ji ordered, Sikhs to burn Nasardin alive as he had burned Sri Thumb Sahib. Baba Ji also asked them to increase the grace/prestige of the holy places. Baba Ji became very popular with this.

Baba Wadbhag Singh use to pray God daily. He thought every thing useless without almighty. He devotes himself to the welfare of the humanity. Baba Ji was sick of this world and thought to live forest. Bibi Bhani Ji wanted to accompany Baba Ji but Baba Ji asked her that she would be called at the appropriate time. Baba Ji took his seat, flag a cage with parrot and a violene.  He exchanged greetings with the relatives and reached Darshani Khud via Hoshiarpur and Gagret. He took his bath at Darshani Khud and spread his seat at Mairi under the holy Beri and started the meditation and was lost in his memories. One can still visit this Beri Sahib at Dera Guru Wadbhag Singh Sodhi Ji.

While Baba Ji was lost in his prayers under the Beri Sahib, a shepherd happened to pass that way. He said to Baba Ji, there is a giant under this Beri. He gabbles up all the creatures so you should run away from this place. The giant is very merciless. Baba Ji said to shepherd that giant cannot harm the person who worships God. He does not need to fear. On knowing, Bir Nahar Singh got angry and attacked Baba Ji. Bir Nahar Singh started demonstrating his ugly deeds to frighten Baba Ji but all his tricks became useless before the faith of Baba Ji in God. Bir Nahar Singh said to Baba Ji, "This is my living place. I am living here since long. People are afraid of me. I am the mightiest of all the giant and my kingdom is spread over a radius of 12 miles. I have spared you being an elderly person. Please leave this place". Baba Ji said to Bir Nahar Singh, you can please yourself. I have come here for meditation (Tapasaya). It is better for you to leave this place and settle elsewhere. This site is now mine.

On hearing these words from Baba Ji, Bir Nahar Singh got angry. He called his army and attacked Baba Ji. Baba Ji took some holy water from his violene, spread it on his army and entire army was made emotional and powerless. Baba Ji captured Bir Nahar Singh and hip army ran away. Bir Nahar Singh was imprisoned in a cage. He began to beg pardon from Baba Ji and explored that he was tired so he may be forgiven. He further promised to act according to the wishes of Baba Ji and would not do any bad or evil deed in future.

Baba Ji took a promise from Bir Nahar Singh that he would not deceive henceforth to anyone and ordered him to devote himself to cure those who are victim of giants, witches, Ghosts, Jadu- Tona (Magic), Masan, Taveets & threads and solve the problems of childless persons or any other trouble which is being faced by the human beings.

Darshani Khud is situated on a stream of clear water. Baba Ji took bath at this place and saw the souls of all the ten Gurus. Dera of Baba Ji is situated at Mairi. Jorh Mela starts at Mairi, Dera Guru Wadbhag Singh Sodhi Ji on the first day of Holi. On Purnima day Nishan Sahib is unfurled every year and after every four yeas its body is replaced. One can reach Dera Sahib at Mairi via Hoshiarpur and Nahrian. The fans and devotees of Baba Ji come to this holy place by singing & dancing in his praise. They worship Baba Ji without saying any ill words and disrespecting to anyone. They listen and speak the truth, sweet words without uttering any ill words. People come to the Darbar of Baba Ji after taking a bath from holy Charan Ganga. The persons, whose long awaited desires are fulfilled, leave no stone unturned to pay homage (Sukhna) to Baba Ji. The devotees of Baba Ji lit candles and jyot at night and have a look at Baba Ji. The devotees of this place are gifted with countless benefits and their long awaited desires are fulfilled with the blessings of Baba Ji. One is cured from such diseases which are declared un-curable by the doctors & the sufferers feel much relaxed. The people come from far places to have Darshan of Baba Ji. They bow down their heads at Darshani Darwaja and sit near the holy Beri Sahib situated just before the Samadh of Baba Ji.

This is the Holy Beri Sahib where Baba Ji did Meditation (Tapasaya) and there is no else place except this Beri Sahib where Baba Ji Worshiped God. Devotees of Baba Ji sit near this Holy Beri Sahib. Samadhs of Mata Raj Kaur and Bibi Bhani Ji are also situated near the Samadh of Baba Ji. The Sarbar is opened for all the public who came with Devotion and Regards. Their all desires are fulfilled with the Blessings of Baba Ji. This is the only TAP-ASTHAN of BABA Wadbhag SINGH JI.

The Ship of one the devotee of Baba Ji was sinking. He remembered Baba Ji, Baba Ji saved his ship. Baba Ji passed away in 1762. After passing away of Baba Wadbhag Singh Sodhi Ji the honour of Guruism was given to Baba Gulab Singh Ji, Baba Sadhu Singh Ji, Baba Jawahar Singh Ji, Baba Nau Nihal Singh Ji, Baba Sardool Singh Ji and Baba Amarjit Singh Sodhi Ji. Baba Amarjit Singh Sodhi Ji passed away on 14-11-98. Baba Karamjit Singh Sodhi was honored as Guru who is presently the Gaddi Nashin of Dera Sahib. Baba Ji and Kanwar Charanjit Singh Sodhi Ji are supervising the development of Dera Sahib in a very nice and systematic way. The efforts of Kanwar Charanjit Singh Sodhi Ji are really appreciable and worth praise.

Baba Karamjit Singh Sodhi Ji